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P501 new print handheld terminal several highlights

P501 printing handheld terminal is a popular product launched by Lanchang Technology this year, which has won the favor of users with its ultra-high appearance level and strong performance. The P501 is a high-priced handheld printing terminal that supports thermal paper and self-adhesive printing, allowing you to print labels and bills anytime and anywhere in your hand. What’s new about the P501?

1. Higher level of appearance

The appearance of P501 is quite a sense of design, frosted black shell, making the appearance more textured, the overall shape is very smooth, 5.5-inch high-definition full screen + basic keys, practical and durable.

2. Smart design

The P501’s print cartridge cover is designed to be tighter, reducing loosening of the cartridge cover when the user uses it. In addition, the printer scanning head takes a 23° tilt Angle design, in line with user habits, users can also clearly view the data information on the screen when scanning the bar code.

3. Good printing performance

P501 adopts imported printing movement, the printing performance has been upgraded, the printing data is clearer, and the work efficiency is high.

4. Good protection performance

The printer is reinforced around the design to reduce the damage to the equipment when the equipment falls. In terms of waterproof, P501 waterproof performance is good, the printer adopts a special design, the overall waterproof performance is good, the user can use the printer equipment outdoors at ease.


P501 printing handheld terminal, its function is not limited to printing, but also can scan barcode, image acquisition, read second-generation ID card, NFC recognition. The total function of the equipment is rich, a wide range of applications, can be used in retailers, parking fees, clothing retail, food and beverage ordering and other fields, a cost-effective work tool.

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