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Let-a CeMAT ASIA Event 2023

2023 The 14th China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition”) opened in Guangzhou Canton Fair Hall D area, Blovedream technology with new products to attend, and the exhibition audience to explain our products, the interpretation of Blovedream technology ingenuity and R & D concept.

The theme of this Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition is “Smart Factory · Smart logistics”, focusing on the fields of production line logistics automation, warehousing logistics intelligence, supply chain logistics, smart factory and intelligent manufacturing, wonderful interpretation of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and “decoding” smart logistics warehousing upgrade plan of smart factory.

What can intelligent terminal equipment bring to the logistics industry?

Intelligent handheld terminals can act on the inventory of goods in the logistics process, the warehousing and warehousing of goods, the tracking and traceability of goods, etc., which can improve the efficiency of logistics enterprises, replace traditional manpower with intelligent transformation, and reduce operating costs.


The terminal equipment products developed by Blovedream Technology provide more intelligent solutions for intelligent logistics. In the early days, our inventory equipment has already cooperated with a number of domestic logistics express companies, providing a strong driving force for the development of the logistics industry.

Our current existing terminal equipment, complete functions, strong expansion, cost-effective, while we also support ODM and OEM services, have their own independent research and development team, can meet the personalized customization needs of enterprises.

At the Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition, Blovedream Technology’s booth attracted many visitors to stay and discuss intelligent solutions for the logistics industry with us. The support and feedback of offline users will become the biggest driving force for us to take root in this Internet of Things industry.

Let us look forward to meeting you again in Shanghai International Smart Parking Exhibition in August.

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