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The advantages of F502 smart handheld terminal application in the retail industry

F502 intelligent handheld terminal, is a new terminal equipment launched by Blovedream Technology this year, the main light and light, the appearance of dirty and fashionable, with ultra-high protection level, is an application in the retail industry work weapon. What are the advantages of F502 to help the retail industry improve efficiency?

      1. 5.5-inch full screen design provides a wider field of view

F502 adopts 5.5-inch full-screen design, the screen size is just right, convenient for users to operate, the resolution of 720×1440, the screen is rich in color, and the screen display images and data are clearly visible.

      2.Itis light, easy to work for a long time

In the retail industry, the overall business hours are longer, the weight of the equipment is lighter, and it is convenient for the salesperson to hold the equipment for a long time, and will not feel very tired. The F502 weighs only 268 grams and is 70.6mm long, 160.5mm high and 14.9mm wide. The F502 is light in overall weight, looks like an ordinary mobile phone, and is very convenient to use, and can be directly placed in the pocket when not in use.

      3.Stylish and durable

The F502 uses a combination of dark gray and black design, coupled with the use of red embellished outline, the overall device is quite stylish, in line with the relaxed atmosphere of the retail industry, but also very dirty. The F502 enclosure is made of a special material, which is not only anti-slip but also anti-drop, so that the equipment can be used normally even if the equipment falls during the working process.

      4.Intelligent inventory, work twice the result

In addition to the appearance advantages of F502 equipment, the most important thing is its inventory function, that is, the data collection function. As an intelligent device, F502 can carry out image acquisition, bar code acquisition, NFC identification, etc. Various collection methods help the retail industry to carry out inventory, data sorting and marketing strategies, greatly improving the competitive advantage of enterprises and reducing labor costs.

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