Development History
Blovedream development path
  • July
    In July, BLOVEDREAM Technology successfully developed a new generation of N40 and N41 mobile intelligent terminal series products.
  • March
    In March, BLOVEDREAM Technology office building moved to Fenghuang Zhigu in Xixiang, further expanding the scale.
  • December
    In December, BLOVEDREAM Technology launched the 5G version of N60 and N60 medical smart handheld terminals.
  • November

    CHINA SHOP 2019

    Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition

    Time: 7th -9th  November,2019

    Booth : S6034

    ADD:3399 Binhai Avenue, West Coast New District, Qingdao ,China

  • July
    BLOVEDREAM launches new PDA handheld terminal, unveiled at the IOTE 2019·Summer Exhibition
    S50 industrial-grade intelligent terminal, S60 self-adhesive integrated printing terminal, S70 UHF handheld reading and writing terminal,
    were officially released in IOTE 2019 ( July 30th  - August 1st , 2019)

  • June

    S50 industrial-grade intelligent terminal, S60 self-adhesive integrated printing terminal, S70 UHF handheld reading and writing terminal.

    The development of these three 5.5-inch full-screen handheld terminals came to an end and entered the trial production stage.

  • August

    BLOVEDREAM took the new 4.5-inch T80  handheld terminal to participate in IOTE 2018 (July 31st  - August 2nd ,2018).

  • July

    4.5-inch bar code terminal was successfully developed and entered the trial production stage on July 1st ,2018.

  • March

    Passed the ROHS system certification of the International Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment on March 6th ,2018.

  • January

    Passed the IP66 industry standard three-proof certification, Level 6 dust-proof and Level 6 water-proof.

  • January

    Met the basic requirements of the EU "Technical Coordination and Standardization New Methods" directive.

    Passed the EU CE certification on January 29th ,2018.

  • December

    Obtained the certificate of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise on December 30th ,2017.

  • July

    U9000,the third generation Android mobile intelligent terminal and AN60 medical terminal were officially launched on July 15th,2017

  • June

    BLOVEDREAM\'s production base expanded and moved to Xixiang Town on June 8th ,and its production capacity increased significantly.

  • April

    Obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification certificate.

  • June

    U8000S, the second generation android mobile intelligent terminal was upgraded and launched on June 15th ,2016.

  • January

    Passed the national 3C Compulsory Certification and reached a strategic partnership with China Mobile.

  • June

    Expanded production scale and moved to Shenzhen Baoan Zhigu High-tech Park.

  • April

    U8000,the new generation of star products Android handheld terminal was launched on April 10th ,2014.

  • September

    Entered into a strategic partnership with China Telecom and China Unicom.

    Planed to develop 3G communication functions android handheld terminal.

  • June

    HT6000,the new Windows CE device was developed in response to the needs of the express delivery industry.

  • April

    Entered into a strategic partnership with Honeywell and Motorola (China).

  • March

    BLOVEDREAM was officially registered.

    HT5000 Windows CE, the first generation mobile intelligent terminal was launched .

  • June

    BLOVEDREAM was founded in Shenzhen,China.

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