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Blovedream 41U UHF industrial handheld terminal

BLOVEDREAM | 2022-05-25

Blovedream Technology has launched a new RFID handheld terminal - Blovedream 41U UHF industrial handheld terminal. What's new about this new handheld terminal? Let's take a look.


1. Excellent appearance and Powerful features

Different from the previous handheld terminals, this handheld terminal design, the use of a full keyboard with a handle combined. It has a 4-inch screen, 38 soft and hard glue buttons combined, and a comfortable long handle. This design is mainly for warehousing, express logistics, industry, clothing and other industries, need to manually input digital query product information. The appearance of the full keyboard appears atmospheric and practical. The design of the handle can reduce the fatigue of the hand.


2. Professional UHF reading and writing

Blovedream N41U is equipped with RFID module, which can read and write electronic labels in batches. The reading and writing distance is up to 13 meters.


3. Speed transmission, unimpeded

Support 4G full network, 5.0+BLE transmission, transmission distance up to 5-10 meters, in the closed environment, also can quickly transfer data and files.


4. Increase the battery capacity

Blovedream N41U adopts 7.6V 3750mAh large-capacity battery, which consumes more power slowly, and provides strong power support for your working life all day long.


5. Multi-directional anti-drop

Blovedream N41U has IP65 protection grade, dustproof, waterproof, drop drop, multi-directional increase of equipment protection.


Blovedream 41U UHF industrial grade handheld terminal, can be widely used in warehousing, logistics, jewelry, tobacco, book management and other industries. For many industries to provide efficient and quality solutions.

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