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Can smart phones replace PDA?

BLOVEDREAM | 2021-09-13

PDA and cell phone. Someone's always confused. As science and technology change with each passing day, smart phones are updated rapidly. Only holding a smart phone opens a smart era. People can know everything in the world without leaving home.

Nowadays, mobile phones have very powerful functions, such as taking photos at every turn with tens of millions of pixels and supporting NFC. Is it possible to replace PDA with a smart phone? The answer is clearly not.

1. Protection level

The level of protection of smart phones is not as good as PDA devices. Now mobile phones are basically full-screen mobile phones, and a slight drop will cost thousands of yuan to change the screen of mobile phones. The protection grade of PDA equipment can be waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, which is specifically for industrial application scenarios, high temperature and cold. In the same cold conditions, the use of certain brands of smart phones, may just use the state of power off, this situation in PDA devices do not need to worry.

2. Endurance

Smart phones consume more power quickly, and PDA's operating time and standby time are relatively long. PDA devices like Lanchang's can run for up to 12 hours and stand for up to 350 hours. PDA can be used in outdoor work areas, such as parking charges, power inspection, etc., battery life is critical.

3. Scan codes to read

Now some smart phones are also equipped with NFC functions, which can be used for short distance reading and writing, such as access control cards and traffic cards. PDA in addition to NFC function, but also have the function of long-distance identification reading, can be long-distance scanning one-dimensional code/two-dimensional code, dirty, damaged bar code can easily sweep, and these mobile phones are difficult to do.

4. Special function printing/second generation certificate and fingerprint identification

PDA also has some special functions, such as all-in-one printing, second-generation ID identification, fingerprint identification and so on. These functions have a professional, can greatly improve work efficiency, mobile phone design for the life scene, more is to give users entertainment and relaxation experience, and PDA is applied to the industrial scene.

In conclusion, smart phones cannot replace PDA devices in industrial scenarios.

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