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New product listed!BLOVEDREAM N40 smart handheld terminal series

BLOVEDREAM | 2021-09-01

I heard that you are looking for a PDA with physical buttons. BLOVEDREAM Technology has launched a PDA with physical buttons, which is exactly what you want.

BLOVEDREAM N40 series, 4 inch TN screen design, body only 300 grams. Small screen combined with comfortable nine grid physical button design, ergonomic design, handy, very practical.

Scanning code is very professional and efficient

BLOVEDREAM N40 series adopts minde and Honeywell scanning head (optional), all kinds of bar codes only need a simple scan, you can easily read data, let you work zero burden.

Taking pictures is good

BLOVEDREAM N40 series takes 5 million pixels in front and 8 million pixels in back. In actual working scenes, it can meet your needs to take photos and record work content in time.

surf the Internet fast and don't worry about getting stuck

BLOVEDREAM N40 series support 4G full netcom, equipped with quad-core/oc-core 64-bit CPU, Android 10.0 system, high performance, fast data transmission, more efficient work.

You can work 12 hours around the clock

BLOVEDREAM N40 series, using rechargeable polymer battery (3.8V 4500mAh) can be detachable, there are two charging modes to choose from, one is to use standard charging cable, the other is to use charging pile. Working hours can meet the needs of the work, there is no need to worry about power off when working.

Protection class IP66

The protection grade of BLOVEDREAM N40 series reaches IP66, without fear of falling risks, dustproof, waterproof and anti-fall. The N40 series can easily cope with unexpected situations during the working process.

Conclusion:BLOVEDREAM N40 series industrial smart handheld terminal, with three skills: one-dimensional, two-dimensional reading, NFC reading. In addition, BLOVEDREAM N40 series can work in many fields, such as logistics, supermarkets, warehousing, libraries, clothing industry.

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